Falcon Private Bank


The Falcon Private Bank presents its new corporate design. Therefore we created a high quality image film that gives its philosophy expression and corresponds to the high-class claims of its exquisite and wealthy clients. 3deluxe motion cooperated with Zurich’s agency Lauschsicht. Together we gave the Swiss Private Bank an innovative filmic projection screen that harmonises graphically stylish with its vision of elegance, foresight and exclusivity. For this purpose still images are used, in which video elements are integrated. The projection of the still images on three-dimensional bodies generates emotional camera-drives that are graphically converted into the corporate design of the asset manager. Within a discreetly elegant colour scale a corporate film emerges, which gains its quality from clarity and cogency.

I did the Camera projection, 3D-development and -animation as well as the compositing for half of the shots.


  • Client: Falcon Private Bank
  • Year: 2014
  • Lead Agency: Lauschsicht AG
  • Agency: 3deluxe motion